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Help Us To Help Our Neighbors In Need

Give Online

Our secure, online donation form is an immediate way to make an impact. Tax deductible cash donations provide Kim's Krew the flexibility to address the most pressing needs of the day. Kim's Crew, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Donate by Check

Please make your check payable to “Kim's Krew, Inc." and mail it to us at: Kim's Krew, Inc., PO Box 14152, Bradenton, FL 34280.

Donate Basic Living Supplies

If you feel moved by the causes Kim's Krew promotes, we would very much appreciate your support. All donations are appreciated: personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, linens, kitchen necessities and small household appliances.


Recurring Giving

Did you know you can make monthly, tax deductible gifts to Kim's Krew, Inc.? This is a popular way for our donors to support us year-round. Make an impact starting today by clicking the "Give" button above.

Employer Matching Gifts

Double or triple your impact through a matching gift program, where an employer or company will match donations to charitable organizations. These matches are often dollar for dollar, which increases your charitable donation power and is a great way to maximize your personal contributions to Kim's Krew. Click here to see if your company matches donations. 

Donate Securities

Giving a gift of stock or mutual fund is an easy way to support us. Just as with cash gifts, you will receive a federal income tax donation for the full market value of any securities you donate, as long as you have owned them for at least one year. You may also avoid the capital gains taxes you would owe if you sold these securities. Please contact us prior to making a transfer so we can match the funds received to you, the donor.

Donor Advised Fund Gifts

There are several benefits to making a gift to Kim's Krew, Inc. through donor advised funds (DAF’s). The funds are flexible, there is a low cost, you receive immediate and maximum tax benefits, it provides administrative convenience, and it also provides privacy.

Tribute & Memorial Gifts

If you want to honor a friend or a loved one, consider making a gift to Kim's Krew, Inc. in their honor. If you provide their contact information to us, we’ll gladly inform them that a gift has been made. If planning a funeral and considering us as a beneficiary for giving, here is suggested wording for use in an obituary: “In lieu of flowers, please make a gift in (name here)’s honor to Kim's Krew, Inc. either online or by mailing a check to: Kim's Krew, Inc., PO Box 14152, Bradenton, FL 34280."

Planned Giving & Bequests

Create a lasting legacy with our tax-efficient strategies while helping Kim's Krew, Inc. achieve its goals for current and future generations. If you are considering adding us to your will or trust, here is some draft language that may be helpful to you and your attorney: “I give, devise, and bequeath (describe dollar amount, property to be given or percentage of your residuary estate), to Kim's Krew, Inc., a not for profit, 501 (c) (3) organization, located in Bradenton, FL, to be used by said organization to meet the immediate or future needs of the organization, as determined by the Board of Directors of Kim's Krew, Inc.”

Life Insurance

Donors can name Kim's Krew as the beneficiary of their policy.

Retirement Plans

Donors can name Kim's Krew, Inc. as the beneficiary in whole or in part, or as a contingency beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan (IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s, and more).

Facebook Fundraisers

Do you have a birthday or other special event coming up? Feel free to select Kim's Krew as the beneficiary of a Facebook fundraiser – we receive donations monthly from Facebook from many different personal fundraisers. See “Fundraisers” in your Facebook menu and you can set up the online event there. 

We hope this information is useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime for a no pressure, no obligation discussion. You can reach us at 941-792-0993. On behalf of our community members in need, thanks so much for your support of Kim's Krew!

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