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This is from an anonymous source found on Facebook but seems so relevant to our organization's mission, I thought I would post it on our website for all potential donors to see.

“So, I spent some time at a Food Bank today, and spoke to the people

getting food. Here are some things I learned from those in need:

1. Everyone donates Kraft Mac and Cheese in the box. They can rarely use

it because it needs milk and butter which is hard to get from regular food


2. Boxed milk is a treasure, as kids need it for cereal which they also get a

lot of.

3. Everyone donates pasta sauce and spaghetti noodles.

4. They cannot eat all the awesome canned veggies and soup unless you

put a can opener in too or buy pop tops.

5. Oil is a luxury but needed for rice a roni which they also get a lot of.

6. Spices or salt and pepper would be a real gift.

7. Tea bags and coffee make them feel like you care.

8. Sugar and flour are treats.

9. They fawn over fresh produce donated by farmers and grocery stores.

10. Seeds are cool in spring and summer because growing can be easy for


11. They rarely get fresh meet.

12. Tuna and crackers make a good lunch.

13. Hamburger Helper goes nowhere without ground beef.

14. They get lots of peanut butter and jelly but usually not sandwich bread.

15. Butter or margarine is nice too.

16. Eggs are a commodity.

17. Cake mix and frosting makes it possible to make a child's birthday cake.

18. Dishwashing detergent is very expensive and is always appreciated.

19. Feminine hygiene products are a luxury and women will cry over that.

20. Everyone loves Stove Top Stuffing.

In all the years I have donated food at the holidays, I bought what I thought

they wanted, but I have never asked. I am glad I did. If you are helping a

family or donating to a pantry, maybe this can help you tailor it more.”

Thank you to all the donors out there who strive to make sure no one in our community goes without basic living supplies.

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